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Confocal Lifetime Imaging & Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometer

ALBA is a dual channel spectrometer that couples a scanning confocal microscope with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) measurements optimized for both single-photon and multi-photon excitation.


Alba FCS, Spectroscopy on single molecules:


  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Kinetic rate constants
  • Antibody-antigen interactions
  • Ligand-receptor interactions
  • Nucleic acid hybridization
  • Molecular aggregation, polydispersity, and molecular weights


Acquisition Modes
ALBA acquires either in time-mode (the classical way: photons acquired in time intervals are counted) or in photon mode (time delay between one photon and the next one is measured and an histogram is built). A 2-channel data acquisition card receives the data stream from the detectors and passes them on to the computer. Raw data are stored in a data file for further processing. No need anymore to reject an autocorrelation function because of large particles interference. Raw data can be purged from large particles presence and the autocorrelation function can be recalculated.


Excitation Modality
Single photon excitation (using an argon ion, kripton ion, or dye-laser); or multi-photon excitation (using a Ti:Sapphire laser).


ALBA can be interfaced to either an Olympus or a Nikon epifluorescence microscope.


Light detectors are cooled photomultiplier tubes or avalanche photodiodes. The system is provided for single channel or dual channel data acquisition for cross-correlation measurements.


The Unique Instrument
ALBA can be upgraded for steady-state and lifetime measurements. All in a single instrument!




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