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UNAT-SEM2 SEM Nanoindenter




UNAT Specification

Maximum normal and lateral force ± 2000 mN (push and pull)
Digital force resolution ≤ 0,1 μN  
Noise level force measurement ≤ 6 μN  
Maximum normal / lateral displacement ± 150 μm / ± 70 μm (push and pull)
Digital displacement resolution ≤ 0,01 nm  
Noise level displacement measurement ≤ 1 nm  
Minimum / Maximum scratch length 1 μm / 50 mm  
Video camera 640 x 480 Pixel  
Objective 50 x (other objectives on request)
Depth of focus / Working distance 0,6 μm /0,3 mm  
Illumination green LED max. power 1W
Optical magnification on 19" screen (low) 560 x Field of view 336 x 252 μm2
Optical magnification on 19" screen (large) 2180 x Field of view 86 x 64 μm2
Pixel resolution (low / large) 525 nm / 135 nm  
X-stage travel range 200 (300) mm Resolution 0,5 μm
Y-stage travel range 50 (100) mm Resolution 0,1 μm
Z-stage travel range 50 mm Resolution 0,1 μm
Maximum sample size (X x Y x Z) 80 mm x 50 mm x 30 mm (special sizes on request)
Weight approx. 100 kg  


The ASMEC Company has developed the Universal Nanomechanical Tester UNAT - a new device concept for the mechanical and tribological characterization of surfaces and thin films. The possibility to measure a multitude of different properties with an accuracy comparable with other instruments for single property measurements makes the UNAT unique.


Among others, the Universal Nanomechanical Tester can be applied as:

  • Nanoindenter
  • Hardness tester
  • Scratch tester
  • Wear tester
  • Tribometer
  • Micro-tensile tester
  • Profilometer
  • Fatigue tester




UNAT - Universal Nanomechanical Tester

Mobile measuring head Basic Nanoindenter Universal Nanomechanical Tester


Calotte Grinding


Normal force FN ,
Adjustable angle
Rotating speed
Number of turns
Number of grindings
0 ... 0,32 N (steel ball Ø = 20 mm)
0 ... 2,0 N (WC-ball Ø = 30 mm)
0 ... 90°
10 … 5000 min-1
up to 106 for each ball grinding
1 - 10 (automatically in a series)
Coating thickness in µm
Depth of ball grinding in µm


Instrument features

  • Wet and dry wear
  • High reliability and reproducibility
  • Up to 10 calotte grindings on one sample
  • Integrated determination of wear coefficient
  • Semi-automatic film thickness measurement
  • Accurate programmable measurement conditions



The calotte grinding device KSG 110 was developed from a manufacturer of coating units for the daily analysis of coating thickness and wear resistance in research and industry.

The fully automatic device guarantees the precise and reliable preparation of spherical calotte grindings on flat and curved surfaces with different hardness. All parameters can easily be adjusted and digitally checked by the control unit. These parameters are total number of turns, rotating speed and slurry influx. The normal force onto surface during grinding is simply adjusted by angle and by ball selection. The motor of the substrate holder is controlled by the program and changes the grinding position after each grinding. Up to 10 ball grindings are possible in an automatic series. The analysis software computes the layer thickness and final grinding depth of all resulting grinding diameters determined with a light microscope, which is delivered together with the device. The resulting wear coefficient can be calculated. In this way it is possible within half an hour to check the thickness, the thickness variation and the wear resistance of hard coatings deposited on test samples or directly on tools. The device is manufactured of stainless. It's usability has been proven under harsh production conditions of many coating manufacturers.



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