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Measurement Services


We also provide the following Measurement Services:


Solar Simutor
Quantum Efficiency
Cyclic Voltammetry
Electrochemical workstation
Imaging spectrometer
Fluorscence steady state
Fluorescence life time measurements
NMR based relative surface area for pharma, nano particles etc


If you want to avail for this services then kindly send a mail on


Application Support
Right configuration for the application is thoroughly analysed before the offer is submitted to make the analysis on customer samples easier. Sinsil thoroughly understand customers research -applications and train their entire engineers.. Demonstration of samples/applications is part of routine installation. Regular training for customers is also carried out.

Installation Services
Our Service Team will install and configure the system, making it ready to use for your application. Sinisl engineers are well versed in training the customers during the installation and will carry out tests on your actual samples and not merely running the standards for completing the installation.

Preventive Maintenance Service
Technical team will provide guaranteed support. Preventive Maintenance (AMC) plans are made according to the customer's requirements and are performed by highly dedicated and trained team. It ensures an efficient, error free functioning of your system, which will increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

Customer Seminars and Training
We have around about 20 years of experience; our team provides excellent training modules which will help you increase your productivity. We can provide the trainings for Preventive Maintenance, Application oriented, Basic of the techniques etc.

Workshops / Hands on session
We organized many workshops on ellipsometry, dielectric impedence, AFM, Electrochemistry etc for our existing customers to enhance their knowledge and update them in various advancements in relevent fields, we invite scientists well known in the field for giving lectures, there are hands on session and also experts from other countries are als o invited for these sessions.


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