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Flame Spectrometer
High Thermal Stability, Interchangeable Slits











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There is a global requirement for the research to detect, prevent and fight the Corona virus this year and for future mutations. Spectroscopy is part of that solution, so we can make a change together:


How can you help?  COVID-19 detection makes use of ELISA detection, PCR and other methods where spectroscopy is evolved. ELISA requires fluorescence measurements, PCR is combined with visible detection methods as the PCR pixelsensor and spectroscopy can be implemented within plasma detection of viruses as well. Oceanoptics Spectroscopy based USB based plug and play HDX spectrometer can be readily used.




How Spectroscopy can be used for Virus Detection


Use of NIR in virus detection:




Use of Raman in virus detection:




And the use of photonics for corona detection:




Here is the link of Instruments which can be used for Virus and Virology Study.


NIR/ Fluorescence Spectrometers from Ocean Optics, Germany




Raman Spectrometers from Ocean Optics, Germany.




The Flame spectrometer is built using industry-leading manufacturing techniques that help deliver high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation — without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers. New features such as interchangeable slits, indicator LEDs and simple device connectors deliver more freedom and less frustration.


Whether you are an educator looking for an instrument to teach students the basic principles of spectroscopy, a research lab looking to make a breakthrough, or an engineer working to integrate a spectrometer into an OEM system, the Flame will provide you with the performance and features you need to make your UV-VIS spectroscopy application successful.


Product Details


  • Modular — configurable to your application and needs within the wavelength range 190-1100 nm
  • Compatible — works with Ocean Optics light sources, accessories and software
  • Easy to use — plug and play via the micro USB connection
  • User interchangeable slit — allows you to vary the resolution and throughput of the spectrometer on demand
  • Indicator LEDs — indicator of power and data transfer status at all times
  • Compact and lightweight — 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm and just 265 g








  • Agricultural Measurements and Monitoring
  • Air & Water Quality Analysis
  • Biofuels Analysis
  • Biotechnology Applications
  • Earth Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverage Quality Control
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Laser Characterization
  • LED Measurement
  • Light Measurement
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Photovoltaic Analysis
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Plasma Monitoring
  • Polymer Analysis
  • Protein & Nucleic Acid Analysis
  • Remote Sensing
  • Teaching Labs
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Volcanic Research

    Measurement Techniques


  • Absorbance
  • Color Measurement
  • Fluorescence
  • Irradiance
  • Reflectance & Transmittance


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